The purpose of this project is to provide technical assistance to local jurisdictions in the coastal zone of Texas for the implementation of roadway and urban development management measures in accordance with Section 6217 of the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA).

Approximately 5.8 million people live in the coastal zone of Texas. State water quality planning programs have identified water quality impairments in approximately 300 water bodies in Texas coastal counties. Storm water runoff from urban areas, including roadways, has been shown to contribute to many of these water quality impairments.

Through a collaborative process and with supporting technical assistance, the Texas Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS) program will produce technical guidance and facilitate access to existing technical guidance for management measures related to the control of NPS pollution from roadways and urban development.  The guidance will identify performance standards and other design criteria specific to coastal areas for managing urban NPS discharges.

The performance standards and other design criteria will help implement the roadway and urban development best management practices (BMPs) needed to protect water quality. City, county, district, and other jurisdictional personnel responsible for implementing roadway and land development programs will benefit from the project.  The project will also benefit state and regional water quality planning staff, local real estate developers, and other land development professionals. Achievement of the performance standards will reduce runoff volumes and pollutant loadings from roadways and urban development and will thus help protect and restore water quality conditions.

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